New energy bus
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Hydrogen-Titanium drive vehicle

L * W * H7005 * 2040 * 2725/2645
Fuel typeLFP batteries
Rated passenger capacity(including driver)/seating107/12-25
Max speed (km/h)100
Battery capacity/voltage(Ah/V)240Ah/496.8v/240Ah/580v LT066160H-40Ah
Max total weight (Kg)20370/21630
Driving range (Km)30/150

Comprehensive excellent design,smart and thoughtful:

Monocoque frame; air suspension;low floor axle ,with large final ratio,driving performance;aluminium alloy wheel hub, light and strong.

Yinlong High performance lithium-ion battery technology,energy efficent and more environmental protection:

Direct driving large torque electric motor,high safety ,high stability,fast charging,and long cycle life lithium battery;with active BMS equalization technology.

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